A Media Planning & Buying Agency

We work with clients to bring innovative media solutions that deliver high-value customers and meet business goals. Our integrated media solutions map to the customer’s journey, connecting to them in their daily life through their media, technology, and social habits. Every potential customer has their own combination of media, and connecting to them through Broadcast, Print, Digital, and Social is where we leverage our client investments every day.

Leaders in Media Innovation

Media Planning

Our media plans are designed so that the consumer has a consistent and actionable experience across all of the activated media channels. We leverage organic consumer insights, data, and media tools to drive accurate and productive media programs for our clients. The consumer doesn’t rigorously silo media into digital versus traditional, or awareness versus performance, and neither do we.

Leaders in Media Technology

Media Buying

Mediasmith has established relationships with media publishers at the highest levels across all media types. Every member of our media leadership is an experienced negotiator and understands the equal importance of leveraging rates, visibility and value to maximize the effectiveness of buys in all media channels. We are also at the leading edge for programmatic digital buying in both RTB and futures markets. With our tools we overlay data to pick the right impression in the right context while minimizing waste.