Mediasmith Joins Advertiser Association ANA

By January 25, 2017News, Press

San Francisco, California: Mediasmith announced today that it has joined the Association of National Advertisers (ANA) This represents a major move for Mediasmith, formerly a long-time member of the American Association of Advertising Agencies (4A’s).

“When we generated our Client Bill of Rights, we realized that we were more closely aligned with the advertiser community than the agency community. This ANA membership closes the loop for Mediasmith in the journey we have taken in the last year” said Mediasmith CEO and Founder, David L. Smith. “Our resignation last year from the 4A’s received a lot of attention and we felt that joining the ANA deserved the same.”

Bob Liodice, CEO of the ANA welcomed Mediasmith into the fold: “We’re very pleased and honored to welcome Mediasmith to the ranks of ANA membership,” said ANA CEO Bob Liodice.  “David Smith and his team are strong believers in the importance of transparency in all business partnerships, as evidenced by the agency’s substantive ‘Client Bill of Rights,’ which clearly places marketers’ concerns front and center.”

John Cate, Mediasmith’s COO and President went on to talk about the Client Bill of Rights. “As we surveyed our own belief set and history, we felt that it was important to put a stake in the ground relative to our alignment with the principles espoused by the ANA in their K2 and Ebiquity reports last year. Transparency is at the heart of Mediasmith and formal alignment with the ANA is a natural affirmation of that.”

Mediasmith is currently focused on expanding its team to service rapid growth of client business and recently added new accounts.

About Mediasmith

Mediasmith is an independent mid-major media planning and buying agency which works with clients to bring innovative media solutions that deliver high-value customers and meet business goals. Mediasmith’s integrated media solutions map to the customer’s journey, connecting to them in their daily life through their media, technology, and social habits. Every potential customer has their own combination of media, and connecting to them through Broadcast, Print, Digital and Social is where we leverage our client investments every day.

Mediasmith was named to the list of largest San Francisco Advertising Agencies in 2015 by the San Francisco Business Times.

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