Mediasmith’s Marketer Bill of Rights

Mediasmith is a transparent and full disclosure media agency. We believe all Marketers have the following rights:

+I. Marketers have the right to unbiased media recommendations that are not influenced by their agency’s seller relationships.
Marketers come to agencies for their experience and media relationships, but should expect agencies to view the media landscape objectively, and to provide media recommendations that are intended to build the marketer’s business, not the media sellers.
+II. Marketers have the right to expect agencies to be their buying agents acting only in their best interests.
This is why agencies are called agencies, and where some are blurring their roles.
+III. Marketers have the right to know that their buying agency does not also own or sell media.
No agency can own media and sell it without a conflict of interest.
+IV. Marketers have the right to itemized invoices including separation of agency fee from seller costs.
Marketers should know exactly what’s being paid for each component of media, and even be provided the actual seller invoices if wanted. This is what’s really meant by transparency.
+V. Marketers have the right to see all of their media performance data and to know where all of their advertising runs.
Performance and insights are generated by marketer’s investments. At a minimum, they have a right to see all of the data generated from their campaigns.
+VI. Marketers have the right to receive and pay their own media invoices.
Most agencies plan to do vendor payment for their clients as a service, but with nothing to hide, they should gladly volunteer this option to their clients.
+VII. Marketers have the right to own any rebates and discounts or media value generated by their investments.
It’s the marketer’s money that earns this value, and they own it. Agencies should take their client’s lead on what to do with their money.
+VIII. Marketers have the right to know all media technology costs.
Media technology costs should be just as transparent as media costs. No proprietary technology, white labels or black boxes should go undisclosed.
+IX. Marketers have the right to formally audit their agency’s finances as related to their media buys.
Agencies should welcome whatever their clients require to ensure trust.
+X. Marketers have the right to know if their agency is subcontracting work and to whom.
Marketers should have confidence that only agency employees or disclosed partners will be handling their money. The use of undisclosed sister company relationships and other outsourcing does not encourage transparency.