As published by LinkedIn on March 15

I get a lot of requests to link with people. I’ve permitted LinkedIn to use me and my stories for marketing, so my visibility is great. And I know a lot of people from my speaking at conferences. Some who request to link I know. Some I don’t. And some come to me from trusted friends.  Which ones do you think I accept?

I don’t reject those I don’t know out of hand. But don’t bother to try to link with me if we don’t know each other and…

  • You don’t have your picture posted. Actually that’s true if I know you too. Pictures bring back to me a view of when I met someone and what we talked about. I am unable to do that with just a name. BTW-That’s why I like Facebook too, but I use that for more personal connections.
  • Worse, you post your company logo instead of your picture. Where did you get the idea that I want to link, hang out and have lunch with a company rather than a person.
  • You are a telemarketer clearly trolling for more customers.
  • You use a standard LinkedIn written template rather than say something to me that could get me to want to connect with you

I accept requests from:

  • Those I know and remember
  • Those I have met and pick up the string of a conversation we had or started (which helps me to remember)
  • Those in my industry where I think there might be common ground for a connection
  • Those whose request is forwarded through a trusted mutual contact. I am surprised how many people do not use this function, but just ask for intros. Or refer to a common friend. This connect through a friend function of LinkedIn is a great feature.

I use LinkedIn a lot. I write. I post items that I think my contacts will be interested in. I reconnect with old and new contacts. I ask for advice. Because of the connectivity it brings me, I always try to follow the advice of only linking with those I know and trust. Trust can be conveyed through a mutual friend or through some common ground.

I want to grow my network. I work at it every day. And I am proud of people I have been able to help. And happy that others are willing to help me. But please, don’t think that my number of contacts means that I link with everyone. Give me a reason. Meet me halfway. That’s how friendships start.

Introducing the Mediasmith
Client Bill of Rights
As an independent media agency that has always aspired to the best practices in transparency (both relative to costs and data), we felt it was time to be clearly and publicly committed to a set of principles. We’ve run our business in the spirit of these principles since our founding, but have decided to express them as the Mediasmith Client Bill of Rights. Some of these are not easy issues to solve in our industry, and we are casting no specific allegations at any particular entity. We’re only being very clear about how we are going to do business.