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Mediasmith Recogized in Transparency Fight

Mediasmith is proud to highlight Dave Smith’s receipt of the MediaPost Online All Star award recognizing his many years of service to the industry. A key to the award was the position Mediasmith took this year relative to transparency in our Client Bill of Rights.

Through the Anvil, Mediasmith has tried to provide timely and thoughtful reflection and opinion on the issues that the media industry and marketers contend with in their daily work lives. Often, we have written with the intention of spurring a conversation about a single issue that the industry has had to struggle with. This practice has always elicited responses that enabled us to bring constituents together and foster healthy conversation on how a company could best serve marketers and advertisers. Thus, the Anvil has been part of our company model since the advent of digital content and marketing in the 1990s. Mediasmith used the arrival of new technology to the industry as a company-wide opportunity to have a strong voice on the what it meant to advertisers and marketers, and, not the least, our own company. As has become obvious to many in the community, Dave Smith has been our primary spokesperson since the beginning. And, in the beginning he was known as the guy who truly had the perspective on digital as it evolved, but also knew traditional media. To those we worked with in the traditional media space he was exactly the opposite, the guy who knew all the traditional media but was knowledgeable with regards to all things digital.

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