Mediasmith Client Bill of Rights

By September 28, 2016News

Mediasmith recently released a set of client relationship principles which is being called the Mediasmith Client Bill of Rights. The ten principles contained in the release cover the key areas of client-agency relationships, including objectivity, seller rebates, transparency in cost and data, subcontracting, and others.  Mediasmith asserts that these areas of trust are essential to a strong client-agency relationship.  From the release:

“As an independent media agency that has always aspired to the best practices in transparency (both relative to costs and data), we felt it was time to be clearly and publicly committed to a set of principles.  We’ve run our business in the spirit of these principles since our founding, but have decided to express them as the Mediasmith Client Bill of Rights.

Some of these are not easy issues to solve in our industry, and we are casting no specific allegations at any particular entity.  We’re only being very clear about how we are going to do business.”

The Mediasmith Client Bill of Rights can be found at  They are also downloadable here.