Marcus Pratt at Mobile Content Discovery, Redux in San Francisco

Breakout Session: Mobile content discovery, redux
Hilton Union Square, San Francisco, CA – Monday, July 13th – 11am – 12 pm

Marcus Pratt, VP Insights & Technologies, will be participating in a panel discussion on “Capturing the Attention and Intent of the Mobile App User”

The web era had SEO. For years mobile was all about App Store rankings. As install fatigue starts to erode the early techniques, what are the new ways to get content discovered and app installed? Most mobile users have 50-80 apps on their phone, and spend 80% of their time in 5-7 of them. How and when can you capture their attention and intent to get them to install and use a new one? We discuss deeplinking, app indexing, partnerships, OEMs, carriers, and the evolving IM app platforms.

  • Marcus Pratt, VP Insights & Technology, Mediasmith
  • Eric Singley, VP of Mobile and Consumer Products, Yelp
  • John Milinovich, CEO, URX
  • Brian Whitlin, COO, Yummly
  • Oliver Hsin, VP Partnerships, Lyft, (TBD)