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David L. Smith

David L. Smith is an internationally recognized digital advertising and media expert and is well-known within the marketing community as a thoughtful, provocative, and forward-looking authority.

As a pioneer of new media application, media strategy, planning, and metrics Dave has participated in every generation of advertising technologies and is an expert on all aspects of media technology and metrics in both the digital and traditional marketplaces.

Dave’s advisory board and industry committee involvement has included key roles with the 4A’s, ARF, comScore Media Metrix, Quantcast, IAB, I-COM, ad:tech and the Online Publishers Association, where he has worked to establish and refine standards in metrics, business practices and financial issues for digital advertising.

Dave is consistently called upon by media industry publishers as an expert resource and has been a noted contributor to their content. Dave is also a regular speaker at various 4A’s, ad:tech, IAB, I-COM, Digiday, MMS, Videonomics and sfBIG events.
He is on the Board of Directors for sfBIG, the Global Board for I-COM and The Board of Governors for ad:tech.

Dave was recognized as a Digital Media All-Star by Mediapost in 2017. In 2012 Dave was inducted into the sfBIG Hall of Fame in recognition of his trailblazing media career. He has a number of other awards to his name, including an Effie and the first-ever ad:tech Industry Achievement Award.

Dave’s Activities

Ad:tech New York
November 1-2, 2017
The Metropolitan Pavillion

DAY 1 – Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Dave will emcee Stream 2: Data is the New Black

  • Time: 10:45am – 12:40pm

And, moderate Session 3: “Omnichannel in the New World” panel

  • Time: 12:10am – 12:40pm

Dave’s Articles

It's Time to Tighten Up Digital POP

It's Time to Tighten Up Digital POP

By David L. Smith This article first ran in Media Village on June 22. There are discussions happening now between the IAB, 4A's and other interested parties about a new Digital Advertising Terms and Conditions (Version 4.0) which will require viewability for digital advertising Proof of Performance (dPOP). As an interested party, and one of the drafters of V 1.0, I don't think that's enough. In my opinion, viewability is now just "table stakes" for dPOP (which enables media payment). We also need proof that the ad was "seen by a human" (a true opportunity to see, or OTS, the standard for all other[...]
A Major Problem with Misused Metrics

A Major Problem with Misused Metrics

By David L. Smith   By this time, we are all too familiar with alternative facts and fake news. I’ve got a new one for you today, fake facts. Below is a true story about how commonly used media research tools are being misused and faked, to the degree where it is doing many individuals a great deal of harm – particularly when it comes to Class Action notification, Product Recall, or Federal Trade Commission notice, where the misuse of media data and fake audience reports can result in people not knowing they have a dangerous product. First Some Background Class action lawsuits and[...]
The Politics of Transparency

The Politics of Transparency

This article first appeared in MediaVillage on February 21, 2017 By David L. Smith & Tim McHale Given the recent President’s Day holiday, we considered that if one was to equate the difference between the 4A’s and the ANA – the two associations which govern the ad/media agency and brand marketer communities respectively - to the differences between the Confederacy and Union states, the case for, or against, transparency should become abundantly clear. The 4A’s body politic believes that there is nothing wrong with making money.  Agency public holding companies are not slaves to their clients.  They are only really beholden to their[...]
Data ownership remains an unsolved problem between agencies and clients

Data ownership remains an unsolved problem between agencies and clients

Data ownership has been contentious since the start of the Web. Everyone — publishers, ad networks, agencies — thinks the other is ripping them off. Data ownership should be bringing our industry together instead of dividing it. There is no question that in many cases, the data generated from a campaign is worth more than the cost of the campaign itself. The Association of National Advertisers, concerned about transparency in media buying, has produced a set of data guidelines that give clients control over their data and the ability to access their data wherever it resides. Not many would disagree with[...]
You can have my car when you pull the gearshift from my cold, dead hands

You can have my car when you pull the gearshift from my cold, dead hands

It is a sunny October morning; I’m heading to work in my new AV (automated vehicle); my favorite song is streaming through speakers placed in optimal positions around the cabin; my dashboard’s 30-inch translucent screen is updating my schedule while I clear appointments, make dinner reservations, and check out the latest Netflix releases all with the swipe of my finger like a classical music conductor. Afterwards, I sit back in relax mode as a daily news aggregator covers my windshield and I let whatever the view is outside go by unnoticed. To me, all of this sounds nice, but not[...]

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