Marcus Pratt on stage at Upcoming ARF West Coast Conference November 2016

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“Panel Discussion: The Big Business of Mobile App Advertising”

Facebook HQ
1 Hacker Way
Menlo Park, California 94025

Monday-Tuesday, Novemebr 14 and 15, 2016

Marcus Pratt, VP Insights & Technologies, will be participating in this panel discussion addressing What’s driving mobile advertising revenues? It’s not your usual advertiser; it’s predominantly mobile app and game publishers driving app installations via the largest mobile advertising platforms: Facebook and Google. And because many mobile apps offer high consumer engagement — from messaging to chatbots to e-commerce, brands are also eying spend on mobile apps as part of their advertising mix. The metrics show a tough business, and perhaps tougher than most traditional advertisers are willing to tolerate. Publishers pay between $2 to $4 per app install and then watch that user slowly fade away 30 days post install. In this session, we’ll bring together a group of panelists to discuss if and the business of mobile app advertising will get even bigger.

Look for Marcus on Day One at 4:20 pm

More about the Summit

Eight Things We’ve Learned So Far From Pokemon Go

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Welcome to Mediasmith’s influential and widely
respected newsletter

Volume 16, Issue 7

Eight Things We’ve Learned So Far From Pokemon Go

by David Smith

(First published on MediaVillage) It’s not all fun and games with Pokémon Go. There is some significant business learning already, even though this phenomenon is only a couple of months old:

1. Artificial Reality (AR) is coming much faster than anyone thought. While many thought Virtual Reality (VR) would hit first, the arrival of the Pokémon Go (PGO) has created a surge in AR predictions that are leaving the more stationary VR in the dust. However, perhaps this shot across the bow of VR is just the first of the scrimmages. 

2. There is going to be a lot of money on the table. PGO is expected to rake in billions in the next few years. Like the Atari game Pong, Pokémon Go is only the first atom in a chain reaction of AR innovation and technology on their way to market. (Look where video games are now compared to the simple start with Pong.)

3. We have not even maxed out PGO. It begs to be played without having to look at your phone and in MR (Mixed Reality, a mash up of AR and VR) where you can interact with the creatures. I wonder if MR is the technology that will be the next big thing?

4. The advertising implications will come quickly. For example, businesses with their own version of Pokestops. What else could happen with a more sophisticated implementation?

Mediasmith Morsel

Pokémon Go and Ransomware!

Our good friends at Malwarebytes have been writing articles recently about cyber-criminals exposing vulnerabilities in the new technology of Pokémon Go. They are worth a read.

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5. Consumers are not overloaded with new things. And the market is not set for the current sites and apps we visit (look out Google and Facebook?) If something simple like PGO can rise to #1 in downloads with the longest engagement time on the planet, 2x that of Facebook, according to, what will happen as more sophisticated implementations come along? Will we look back on a world of keywords and friend updates as old fashioned?

6. PGO exposes the dichotomy of owning the physical space and owning the digital overlay of that space. It is a similar question to who owns the space above your house and how high does that space extend. Obviously, there are already laws establishing the ownership of the physical space, but laws dealing with the overlay of this space in the digital world haven’t been established. 

7. Leveraging things that are, or have been popular, and knowing what could be resurrected and be popular again, is important. Use of established hits like Pokémon when integrating/aligning might be the best way to sell a new technology and have the best opportunity for mass adoption. 

8. Never underestimate the ability of people to do dumb things. In the first few days of PGO, it seemed like everyone was vying for a place in the Darwin Awards: playing at the Holocaust Museum and Arlington National Cemetery, falling off of cliffs, running into police cars, being robbed, and even getting run over by cars. 

There will be more learning of course. But it’s amazing how much has happened in a short time.

Mediasmith Morsel

Tetris still best-selling game of all time. 

According to Forbes, to date the all-time best-selling video game across all platforms is Tetris at 495 million after three decades. Pokémon Go already sold over 200 million copies and it looks like it has also blasted through most other titles. Low cost and easy accessibility are huge factors, but will it stand the test of time?

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I-COM Global Summit 2016: Navigating the Programmatic TV Frontier

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Dave Smith recently traveled to Seville, Spain to participate in the I-COM 2016 data-centric conference. Here he is moderating the panel on the state of Programmatic TV in the US and abroad. The panel discussion included some industry heavy hitters.

David Moore – President WPP Digital & Chairman, Xaxis, WPP, USA
Chris O’Hara – Head of Global Data Strategy, Krux, USA
Lawrence Allen – VP, Ad Innovation and Programmatic Solutions, Turner, USA
Tim Sims – Vice President of Inventory Partnerships, The Trade Desk, USA

I-Com Global Summitt 2016

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Hotel Alfonso XIII, Seville, Spain

  • Attribution Board Roundtable

Monday, April 18th, 2:30pm-4:30pm

David Smith will co-chair this session, which will address how to execute video ad campaigns on and across walled gardens, that achieve optimal performance while ensuring brand safety. As the walled gardens grow, how can advertisers ensure the integrity of audiences reached and placements targeted?

  • Navigating the Programmatic TV Landscape

Wednesday, April 20th, 2:40-4:15pm

David Smith will moderate the topic, Navigating the Programmatic TV Landscape.

  • David Smith will be chairing the Ecosystem segment 

Wednesday & Thursday, April 20th & 21st

You can have my car when you pull the gearshift from my cold, dead hands!

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It is a sunny October morning; I’m heading to work in my new AV (automated vehicle); my favorite song is streaming through speakers placed in optimal positions around the cabin; my dashboard’s 30-inch translucent screen is updating my schedule while I clear appointments, make dinner reservations, and check out the latest Netflix releases all with the swipe of my finger like a classical music conductor.

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David Smith will be on The Ultimate Collision: AdTech + MarTech panel

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111 Minna Gallery, San Francisco, CA 94105
Tuesday, April 15th, 2016

The panel will be discussing the core challenges in marrying data; the need for clean data – from email to ads; the barriers and opportunities in merging AdTech & MarTech; and the advertising opportunities that come from big and better data. We hope to see you there.

More about Adtech & Martech

Introducing the Mediasmith
Client Bill of Rights
As an independent media agency that has always aspired to the best practices in transparency (both relative to costs and data), we felt it was time to be clearly and publicly committed to a set of principles. We’ve run our business in the spirit of these principles since our founding, but have decided to express them as the Mediasmith Client Bill of Rights. Some of these are not easy issues to solve in our industry, and we are casting no specific allegations at any particular entity. We’re only being very clear about how we are going to do business.