We’ve welcomed, and will continue to welcome iterations in media, shifting our services and assumptions accordingly. For all of the unknowns, we know our positioning will not change: devotion to client service, leading our industry, the latest technology, transparency, and the relentless search for solutions.

This innovation/evolution is part of the DNA of the San Francisco Bay Area and we empower our entire staff to embrace change. In fact they are part of the force that is driving all the change. We believe that we are differentiated from our competition by our leadership and passion for media, the changing media landscape, and our desire to engage the media vendors and technology companies in the process. We collaborate with those partners/vendors to help develop real opportunities to present an intelligent, engaging, and accountable experience to the consumer.

We are often sought to Beta test the most promising technologies (again that Mediasmith DNA) and we add value both by determining which ones are worthwhile, and by offering clients first to market opportunities.

Commitment to Technology

The Mediasmith Tech Stack

There are no white labels or black boxes at Mediasmith.  We’re completely transparent with our clients about the best of breed technologies we use in every aspect of our planning, buying, and analytics.