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Dave Smith is an internationally recognized digital advertising and media expert and is well-known within the marketing community as a thoughtful, provocative, and forward-looking authority.

As a pioneer of new media application, media strategy, planning, and metrics Dave has participated in every generation of advertising technologies and is an expert on all aspects of media technology and metrics in both the digital and traditional marketplaces.

Dave’s advisory board and industry committee involvement has included key roles with the 4A’s, ARF, comScore Media Metrix, Quantcast, IAB, I-COM, ad:tech and the Online Publishers Association, where he has worked to establish and refine standards in metrics, business practices and financial issues for digital advertising.

Dave is consistently called upon by media industry publishers as an expert resource and has been a noted contributor to their content.  Dave is also a regular speaker at various 4A’s, ad:tech, IAB, I-COM, Digiday, MMS, Videonomics and sfBIG events.

He is on the Board of Directors for sfBIG, the Global Board for I-COM and The Board of Governors for ad:tech.

Dave was recognized as a Digital Media All-Star by Mediapost in 2017. In 2012 Dave was inducted into the sfBIG Hall of Fame in recognition of his trailblazing media career.  He has a number of other awards to his name, including an Effie and the first-ever ad:tech Industry Achievement Award.

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As an independent media agency that has always aspired to the best practices in transparency (both relative to costs and data), we felt it was time to be clearly and publicly committed to a set of principles. We’ve run our business in the spirit of these principles since our founding, but have decided to express them as the Mediasmith Client Bill of Rights. Some of these are not easy issues to solve in our industry, and we are casting no specific allegations at any particular entity. We’re only being very clear about how we are going to do business.